2000 Olympic Trials

New Orleans - Gayle Hatch of Baton Rouge has been named meet director for the 2000 Olympic Trials.  U. S. A. Weightlifting, the sports national governing body, voted recently to hold the 2000 Olympic Trials at the newly opened Alario Center in Westwego.   The one day competition will be July 22, 2000 in the 3,000 seat arena.  It will be nationally televised by N. B. C.

The greater New Orleans Sports Foundation bid won out over those from Dallas, Tampa, Houston and Rodchester even though their monetary bid was less than three other competing cities.  Jim Fox, U. S. A. Weightlifting Executive Director, said the clincher was the influence of Baton Rouge weightlifting Coach Gayle Hatch.  "Coach Hatch has done so much for this sport",  Fox said,  "when he speaks, we listen".  Hatch, who's junior, senior and masters teams have won forty-three national championships and have had athletes make three out of the last four Olympic Teams, said he considered helping secure the trials as one of the high points of his career.  It is a real tribute to all of the dedicated athletes who have been in our program over the years.  "If our track record gave us creditability with the delegates then it proves we've done things the right way."

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