Elite Gayle Hatch Lifters
Yearly Training Plan
Olympics, Worlds, Junior Worlds

Periodization-Phases include preparatory, competitive and transitional periods for major national and international competitions.  Four week cycles are used and have loading and unloading weeks.  Example: 3 weeks heavy loading, 1 week unloading.  Six week cycles are also used during the year as athletes respond to changing the length of cycles during the yearly plan.  Six weeks before a major championship, the loading pattern includes two weeks lower volume, two weeks heavy, one week max loading and one week lower volume.  During this time, more emphasis is placed on the classical lifts.  The total number of repetitions used for the year is between 18000 and 21000 with reps of 75% of the lifters maximum or more.  55% of the lifters reps are in the 75% to 87.5% range.  40%are in the 90%  to 95% range and the remaining 5% are in excess of 95%.

Lifters perform segment work in the classic lifts.  The lifters do singles, doubles and triples as well.  This is hard work, but it is a key factor for the development of strength.  Segment training is also used combining front and back squats.  During the preparatory period, lifters do a significant number of squats, pulls and presses in sets of five repetitions.

The lifters have nine training sessions per week.  There is a thirty minute break allowed between the A and B sessions when time permits.  Work and school determine this.  This approach of not having long breaks between sessions can have a positive effect on improving physical conditioning.  A wide variety of exercises are used including the classic lifts, snatch and clean & jerk, power snatch, power cleans, power jerks, overhead squats, front and back squats, snatch and clean pulls from floor and below the knees, jerks from rack, both front and behind the neck, push presses, power shrugs, jerk recoveries, jerk drives, presses of all kind, R. D. L., step-ups, single leg squats, hyperextensions, good mornings, abdominal work and jumps.

When athletes move from the junior to the senior ranks, the number of exercises they perform are reduced and their training efforts focus more on the classic lifts and assistant exercises.  There is a reduction of approximately 1000 repetitions in volume.

Discipline and structure are a big part of the program.  Staying in the "eye of the storm" as a coach is mandatory.  A coach must constantly supervise and teach and make adjustments in the daily training plan when needed.  Motivation is of high importance.  I motivate my athletes like winners.  I build their confidence while I develop their talent.  I combine this approach with strict discipline.  My coaching philosophy stresses a balance between athletics and values and responsibility.  I want to produce champion athletes, but champion athletes with character.

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