Indianapolis, IN - Gayle Hatch of Baton Rouge who was head Coach of the USA Men's Weightlifting Team at the 2004 Olympic Games has received the 2004 Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society's Presidents Award.  Coach Hatch is considered one of the pioneers of Olympic-style strength training in this country.  In his career, he has helped countless strength coaches on the professional, collegiate and high-school levels reach a better understanding of explosive strength training for football.

Former recipients of the presidents award are:  
    Dave Redding - Kansas City Chiefs 1992
    Al Miller - New York Giants 1993
    Johnny Parker - New England Patroits 1994
    Kent Johnson - Green Bay Packers 1995
    Bert Hill - Detroit Lions 1996
    Dan Riley - Washington Redskins 1997
    Steve Wetzel - Minnesota Vikings 1998
    Tim Jorgenson - Cleveland Browns 1999
    Rock Gullickson - New Orleans Saints 2000
    Chet Fuhrman - Pittsburg Steelers 2001
    Steve Watterson - Tennessee Titans 2002
    Dr. Chuck Stiggins - Brigham Young University 2003

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